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Creating a sense of safety and self

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When our entire world's been shaken we need space to make sense of our story and figure out how to write the next chapter.

With the right support we can tap into curiosity, discover the strengths and possibilities in who we are now, and make room for who we are becoming.

In my comics I express pieces of my own often messy exploration and growth.


In my coaching practice, I hold space for you to do this self honoring work. 

Writing on Her Journal

Want to play with a new way to handle swirling emotions?

Let's Have a Tantrum!

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I've been there, I can help
. . .

My own healing journey led me to this work. I started making comics as one way to process my own emotions as I went through massive life transitions. Along the way I also became a certified Trauma Informed Coach.


I love helping people break the trauma cycle in their lives because it's so exciting to see the possibilities that open up when we do. I want you to have the feeling of safety and belonging that I've found.


I never knew I could have this kind of freedom and peace. I feel amazed that I get to be my authentic self.

The degree we can show up NOT in our own shit is the degree to which we can lead, be creative and be present.

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