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Draw Yourself Out Workshops

What will I get out of a workshop?


Glad you asked! Draw Yourself Out Workshops have grown out of my own art practice combined with coaching, and they feel like magical little art & healing sessions. I'm so excited about the way they're evolving.


Years ago I began drawing every day and publishing these images on Instagram as @freefalldiaries. These expressions of emotion and healing drew people from all over who are interested in this comics/drawing based art.


At that time I also took part in a six month intensive training to become a Certified Coach - learning tools to help people achieve goals in personal development, whether those be for growing a business, creating a passion project, or improving relationships.


Draw Yourself Out melds these two passions of mine and brings us together for a group coaching/creative experience.

I'll use my coaching training, plus comic art skills to guide the group in specific drawing and writing exercises to help you express your hidden emotions.


And you’ll be the first to know about the next Workshop.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

What's a workshop experience like?

This is a small group and the feeling is casual, comfortable, and supportive. We begin by getting to know one another, and exploring what will make the session feel safe and nurturing for everyone involved.



Some things we may do include:


  • Games to get us to loosen into drawing and scribbling.

  • Activities to discover new ways to visually express emotions or ideas.

  • Learn drawing methods that help you more easily get your ideas down on paper.

  • Writing prompts that lead to drawing prompts.

  • Time to talk, process, laugh, cry and question.


Each session will be guided by a specific theme, and you’ll learn techniques that you can take with you and use forever. If you've been craving another way to take care of yourself, this can add to your mental self care tool box.



Can I join even if I don't consider myself an artist or I don't know how to draw?


Yes! You don’t need any art skills to take this, and you're never pressured to share anything you write or create in the workshop. You will leave with the ability to use what you learn in your own personal drawing + journaling practice.


When is the next workshop happening?



  • July 25, 2023:Starting a Visual Journal That Supports and Soothes

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Writing on Her Journal

Let's Have a Tantrum
Download this emotions clearing journal exercise here

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